Exactly how to mount HeartRay HID bulb retrofit set in Peugeot 307

Arron, an enthusiastic fan or specialized aftermarket replacement kit. The upgrades with a collection of HID bulb as well as Aozoom ballast. The modification was so fast and also the actions are rather successful. The replacement Aozoom Bi xenon kit consists of HeartRay 35W HID bulb, Aozoom 55W fast start ballast, and also a few other assembly.


We conveniently open the Peugeot housing and then baked it into the oven for 20 mins. Pick out the manufacturing facility light bulb. Connect the wiring of the HID bulb as well as the fast beginning ballast. The important things that needs to be mindful is the favorable and adverse post needs to be connected correctly, otherwise, the bulb would not be light.


Set up the HID light bulb into the projector. First, take the outlet as well as fix with the cord in the projector. The next, mount the bulb as well as twist it. The installation would certainly not be difficult than the projector retrofit. The last point is to place the ballast in the cars and truck.


For the light examination, the way it brighten was extremely than the OEM. Arron did not see it before, he was satisfied with the upgrade. Now he can drive the Peugeot with no worried. And also he can delight in the brilliant light that emits in the road.